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"Always think fun first!"

After years in the industry working with Quality Assurance, testing the games, ensuring all performance was on target and creating a framework for how to successfully test game engines, I was moved to a design position on the Core team of Battlefield.

On the core gameplay team of Battlefield I worked mainly on weapons and attachments, creating lists for which weapons would be in the game, how they would handle, what each attachment would do and look like, as well as balancing and tweaking these along with soldier movement and through-the-gun-experience.

Moving from Game Design at DICE and Rovio I spent months freelancing as a broadcasting producer and director creating great shows for masses of people with some of the most successful companies and game franchises of all time. This all allowed me to move in to the production side of companies, working for the marketing department at Paradox Interactive creating and executing grand long term strategies through a series of short term plans.

  • Game Design
  • Broadcast Production
  • Game Production
  • Quality Assurance


For more in-depth information on my contributions and responsibilities on each project, just hover their respective icon.
BF: Bad Company
QA Tester
I worked as a singleplayer focused in-house tester, creating the framework for which we used to report issues on the project.
I was tasked with taking charge of the ESRB Ratings for the title along with leading the games performance testing in order to get it to a shippable state.
Mirror’s Edge
Sr. QA Tester
I moved on to a performance swat team in order to help get the title in memory on consoles.
Given my previous experience with rating boards I was also tasked with getting the title through all necessary boards.
Frostbite 2.0
Sr. QA Analyst
I worked with a handful of technical artists and senior software engineers to create, test and document new several new workflows for artists and designers.
Furthermore worked with a QA Engineer to create an automated testing initiative at DICE for tools.
BF: Bad Company 2
Sr. QA Analyst
As I was still on the Frostbite team I assisted designers and artists in their workflows to prepare their assets for the future switch between engine versions.
I also thoroughly assisted in various focus testing and creating a temporary in-house lab for these purposes.
Battlefield 3
Gameplay Designer
I created, implemented and balanced all weapons and attachments for the title.
For singleplayer and co-op modes I created customised sets of weapons for each special event in the game.
For multiplayer the weapons were tweaked and balanced post release, with new ones introduced in DLC’s.
Battlefield 4
Gameplay Designer
I created each and every weapon along with their attachments from scratch, as well as order every gun from outsourcing through our artists.
Closely working with the weapon animator and the sound team, we created a brand new weapons system along with improved animations.
Game Designer
I worked as a game designer on multiple projects, including Angry Birds 2.
My main responsibilities were finding new intellectual properties with recognizable characters for the company to build strong brands upon through prototyping.
Paradox Interactive
Streaming Producer
I worked as a Streaming Producer, figuring out a corporate brand strategy and long term plan to help the company take their intellectual properties from their regular fanbase to new audiences.
Alongside this I was also in charge of producing and coordinating larger event shows.

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